Space Maintenance / Lost in Space


Our personal desire to escape gravity finds inspiration for future experiments in the documentation of earlier NASA preparations for space exploration. A key element of astronaut training is practicing with new apparatus, tools and protective clothing. Learning how to move in space begins with improvising vertical ascension and descension with an electric hoist. Further tests and filming take place incorporating earlier work with OHPs to project laser cut star maps.

Astronautical duties, conducting tests and checks, repairing space hardware, observing, measuring, and monitoring create a continual performance and an arduous ballet of space maintenance. So here we float in our homemade weightlessness in a DIY planetarium.

Installation presented at :

2012, Villa Rosenthal, Jena
2012, EB&Flow Gallery, London
2012, KOSMICA Mexico, The Arts Catalyst
2013, Shiny Toys, Mülheim an der Ruhe
2013, Microwave Festival, Hong Kong

Microwave Festival 2013 at TVB Pearl News 微波國際新媒體藝

Lost in Space originally developed for
OHPen Surface Festival, Malmö, Sweden 2009

Special thanks to Robert Gärtner

Music: Gurdonark
Snow Geese at Hagerman Wildlife Preserve

Additional footage: (Film Serial L-812) and The Wow!-Signal, 1977

Supported by:
ACME Project Space, London
Clara und Eduard Rosenthal Stipendium – Villa Rosenthal, Jena
Theaterhaus, Jena