Dynamic, Affordable, Apollo-free

Institutional residency Republic of the Moon, London

"The idea of ownership is expanded on in the work of Sue Corke and Hagen Betzwieser through the use of text and found objects. Light bulbs illuminate the words ‘THE MOON AH YEAH’ like merchandise for a Mariah Carey anthem. Built from wooden struts it resembles an improvised version of the iconic Hollywood sign. Meteorite-like rocks sit in a trolley that has one too many wheels while the statement ‘A THEME PARK OR A QUARRY’ is chalked onto a large blackboard dominating the room. It feels like the beginnings of a party, or protest… depending on how you’d like to visit the moon."

Denise Kwan, This Is Tomorrow, 12 February 2014

Dynamic, Affordable, Apollo-free. Installation view. 8.1.2014.

Lunar Exploitation Remonstration.

A polite protest for and against the exploitation

of the moon.

Lunar Exploitation Remonstration. Blackboard.

Lunar Exploitation Remonstration 

Sue Corke, Hagen Betzwieser and Rob LaFrenais during the remonstration. (Foto: Nicola Triscott)

Remonstrators in front of the Republic of the Moon at Bargehouse, London.

Remonstrators in front of the Republic of the Moon at Bargehouse, London.

A Touch of Home

Earthrise, Bill Anders, Apollo 8, 1968, NASA, AS8-14-2383HR;
Rabbits at a water hole, Wardang Island, 1938, National Archives of Australia, A1200-L44186

"The introduction of
a few rabbits
could do little harm
and might provide
a touch of home,
in addition to
a spot of hunting."

Thomas Austin

You can't ignore Apollo!

For all Apollo-Phobics: You can't ignore Apollo!

Dynamic, Affordable, Apollo-free. Finale installation. 1.2.2014.

Earth seen from Space

Dynamic, Affordable, Apollo-free 
was commissioned by The Arts Catalyst

Republic of the Moon2014
Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London, UK

Funded by Science & Technology Facilities Council, UK

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