iRes, University College Falmouth
Workshop on collaborative practice and conceptual thinking.


Participants are invited to join a cross-disciplinary mission. Experimentation, proto-typing, research and evidence are the methods for getting ideas out of the studio rapidly. Results are suprising, not least for those concerned.

We challenged visual arts students to answer three questions:

Is Reality Generated?

How to solve the problem of Zero Gravity?

What Are Birds?

“I don’t care what it’s designed to do, I care what it can do”

Taking as a starting point the urgent instruction delivered to NASA engineers by flight director, Gene Kranz, in the film Apollo 13, (a, b, c, youtube) students from Photography, Film Studies, Fine Art and Illustration worked in collaborative groups to make a new piece of conceptual or installation art, in a single day from existing resources.

Solutions to the, put a ‘square peg in a round hole’ zero hour crisis challenge included: a human sized bird’s nest; the bedroom that became a lunar landing module for cowboys; and a photographic investigation into the black holes that lurk in every pillar box and road grid.


→ Frances Williams
→ Patrick Tucker
→ Harriet Bridgewater
→ Jemma Skidmore
→ Juliet King
→ Helen Underhill
→ Tasha Stevens
→ James Thurgood
→ Tom Newton


Part of the artist’s residency at iRes,
University College Falmouth in 2009.


We are still sifting the evidence...


Photo Hagen Betzwieser

UK Space Station

Harriet Bridgewater,
Jemma Skidmore


HaJ_002 HaJ_004 HaJ_005 HaJ_007
Harriet Bridgewater, Jemma Skidmore


Black Holes
James Thurgood, Tom Newton


JaT_005 JaT_007 JaT_004 JaT_006JaT_011 JaT_009 JaT_013 JaT_012
Photo James Thurgood, Tom Newton

Birds Nest
Helen Underhill, Tasha Stevens, Patrick Tucker,Frances Williams


Photo Helen Underhill, Tasha Stevens, Patrick Tucker, Frances Williams

red_001 red_003 red_005 red_004
Street_006 Street_007 Street_008Photo Hagen Betzwieser