at HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts as part of "Springhouse"

All-the-Above x

Seeing the Earth from a distance of some 380,000 km away must be one of the most important experiences of the Apollo missions to the moon. The "Whole Earth Picture" is today rightly considered one of the most significant photographs of the twenty-first century. Astronauts describe this experience as the "Overview Effect".

The designer and artist Hagen Betzwieser plays with possibilities and uses his residency in HELLERAU to generate a view of the Earth from outside.

He interlaces all kinds of different media and formats, from a conceptual approach, installation and film to performances. In 2008, he and the British artist Sue Corke launched the project WE COLONISED THE MOON.

This resulted in works such as “The Smell of the Moon” or video installations on DIY astronaut training and simulated weightlessness, which are exhibited internationally.
For springhouse, Hagen Betzwieser has developed a new installation and performance, which is based on his work “The Smell of the Moon” and has been reconceivedfor the Festival Theatre.