Digital Shoreditch Festival
NO COSMIC RAYS (Tiny Protest), 2015 are on display.

10.5 – 16.05.2015, Shoreditch Town Hall, London
Curated by super/collider, Melanie Kathryn King and Louise Beer.


Lunar AC and Lunar Fragments, 2015 are on display.

11.05. – 11.07.2015, ALTANAGalerie, TU Dresden, Germany
Curated by Sabine Zimmermann-Törn and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Niels-Christian Fritsche


Vokabular der Unsichtbarkeit

The Smell of War

Moon, scatch & sniff will be shown at The Smell of War.

01.05.2015 – 30.08.2015, Castle De Lovie, Poperinge, Belgium
Curated by Peter de Cupere

"The Smell of War will shed light on the first gas attacks in World War 1 and deals with the fascinating phenomenon of odour and thereby goes beyond the usual museum based form of experiencing art. International artists from the present day demonstrate that scent can really be context and /or concept of the work. Scents evoke memories and so also emotions and associations, but let the beholder also re-think and reflect about the context of the work.The main focus of the exhibition lies on the olfactory artworks about gas attacks and chemical wars, as well as on the not-smelling aspect by protection of gas masks. So we also show works that smell of nothing at all and in which the odour is only conjured up by the visitor’s imagination, or translated as an odour through the image."