Philipp Matthäus Hahn Memorial
Roughly 12 months ago Hagen was honored to have been asked to design the memorial for Philipp Matthäus Hahn (1739–1790) for the city of Kornwestheim, Germany. Besides being a priest, Hahn developed and engineered highly sophisticated astronomical instruments like mechanical orrery (planetarium), sundials, hydrostatic precision scales and one of the earliest mechanical calculators. Hagen's design for a “Weltmaschine”, a kind of a mechanical planetarium that simulates the night sky, is basis for this new public sculpture. Officially opend in December 2014.

Permanent, public sculpture. Steal, aluminium, LED, 2014. Approx 3,5m x 4,5m.
Kornwestheim, Germany / Produced by with Weltkugelmanufaktur

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