micro sysmposium #1


Whilst resident at the ACME Project Space in summer 2011, we hosted our first
micro-symposium around the themes of lunacy, deception and illusion, an international gathering of artists from Estonia, the Netherlands and the UK.

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Catrin Morgan's PHD research at the Royal College of Art in London is concerned with fraud, deception and pleasure. The fictional spaces she investigates and draws upon for her own work are described in Phantom Settlements, a publication from Ditto Press.

Caro Verbeek is an art historian with a special interest in art which engages with touch, taste and smell. A theme she often pursues is the link between smell, place and memory and how sensory perception may deceive and mislead as well as inform. She has worked for both, the Stedelijk and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Lewis McGuffie is an artist currently based in Estonia and involved in a long term project, documenting the work of the Antonomic Society. This activity has led to many strange journeys and happenings including most recently a night at a snowbound sports stadium, witnessing a re-enactment of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

An extract of footage from documentation of the Antonomic Society's 2010-2011 project entitled Good Luck Mr Gorsky. A minute by minute recreation of the July '69 moon landing. More information can be found here: